Motovation – Ducati MTS 1200 Tricolore

This latest build by Motovation of Austin, Texas, still smells of fresh paint, fresh rubber and that specific hot metal brand new exhaust. Motovation is one of the premium parts distributor in the US, which also specializes in Ducati. They figured the best way to showcase an entire line of bike specific parts is to put all that’s available for that particular model into a build. Behold the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Tricolore by Motovation. As Roland puts it – “Add a dash of touring and a whole lot of torque, and you find yourself with an Italian Adventure Weapon! ” The first year Ducati made this beast available to the public, it sold 10,000 units. Ducati has yet to release a Tricolore factory edition of the MTS1200, however they do offer the famed Tricolore edition for several other applications . Motovation decided to take this amazing machine, turn it into a truly custom build and offer the Ducati community a glimpse at what a factory Multistrada 1200 could look like.

The Multistrada 1200 is a motorcycle manufactured since 2010. The engine is a retuned version of the Testastretta from the 1198 superbike, now called the Testastretta 11° for its 11° valve overlap (reduced from 41°). All models include throttle by wire, selectable engine mapping (full power with sensitive or relaxed throttle response, and reduced power with relaxed throttle response) and traction control adjustable through eight levels, called DTC (Ducati Traction Control). The bike comes in three equipment levels, the base, the S-Sport and the S-Touring. The S models include ABS (optional on standard model) and electronically adjustable suspension, called DES (Ducati Electronic Suspension). The S Sport model features carbon fiber air intakes, cam belt covers and rear hugger, while the S Touring model comes with heated grips, hard luggage and a center stand.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 is an all around animal ready for anything you throw at it. This bike feels at home on urban roads, potholes, dirt roads, gravel, even race tracks. Don’t let the optional luggage fool you, this bike has got what it takes to put a smile on your face and make your heart skip a beat. According to the Motovation team, it was extremely difficult to customize this new Multistrada 1200. How do you improve a motorcycle that is perfect from factory without taking away from all the key things that makes this bike so special and beautiful in the first place.  They wanted to keep the design current but also enduring so they decided to emulate the new ‘Tricolore’ paint scheme that they saw in Milan, during the Panigale unveiling in 2011.

Ho do you complement the design of a perfectly designed bike??? With a custom paint job from Southern Metal Customs, with top shelf components from Rizoma and carbon fiber parts from CDT and Shift Tech. They decided to use the Leo Vince cat eliminator midpipe to shed some weight and gain some power. The Termignoni slipon was the perfect choice for looks and sound. Redline performance did a custom ECU re-flash and the result was smooth power delivery from idle with no stumbling or surging with midrange torque that brings an instant smile to your face. The list goes on with an incredible amount of quality parts. Check out the list of modifications below and the gallery for the rest of the pictures.

List of modifications:

  • 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S
  • Custom Paint by Southern Metal Customs, designed by Motovation.
  • Motovation Custom Grab Rail Removal
  • Redline Performance Custom ECU ReflashMotovation Ducati Corse Wheel Stripes
  • Ducati Performance Termignoni Carbon Slip On
  • Ducati Performance License Plate Relocator w/integrated turn signals
  • EVR Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • LeoVince Cat Eliminator Midpipe
  • DNA Race Air Filter
  • Puig ‘Sport’ Smoked Screen
  • Luimoto Custom Team Italia Seat Cover
  • Ballistic 12 Cell Lithium Battery
  • Rizoma Multistrada 1200 Handlebar Clamp
  • Rizoma Flush Mounted Barends
  • Rizoma Frame Sliders
  • Rizoma Fork Sliders
  • Rizoma Rear Axle Sliders
  • Rizoma Adjustable Folding levers
  • Rizoma ‘Limit’ Naked Mirrors
  • Rizoma Mirror Adapters
  • Rizoma ‘Lux’ Billet Grips
  • Rizoma ‘Next’ Billet Fluid Reservoirs
  • Rizoma Billet Oil Filler Cap
  • Rizoma Billet Sprocket Cover
  • Rizoma Touring Pegs (front and passenger)
  • Rizoma Billet Lower Timing Belt Cover
  • Rizoma Waterpump Slider Kit
  • Cox Radiator Guard
  • Cox Chain Guard
  • Cox Oil Cooler Guard
  • CDT Carbon Front Fender
  • CDT Carbon Swing Arm Protector
  • CDT Carbon Air Deflectors
  • Shift-Tech Carbon Nose Intakes

Via: Motovation

Roscio – Multistrada “Biuta”

This in an amazing older build, based on 2003 Ducati Multistrada 1000DS. It is called “Biuta” and it was built by the Carlo Roscio and his brother over a period of two years, in Pavia, Italy. The idea of the build was to make only a few subtle changes, however as we can see from the pictures, things got out of hand very fast. This build is not your usual “over the counter parts” type of build. This is a special project as Carlo and his brother created this bike using a plethora of parts not originally designed for this motorcycle, and this makes it a beautiful custom build in its true form. It is not easy to recognize the Ducati Multistrada from which this was created, since all that remained from the original bike are the two-cylinder 1000 DS engine, the frame and the gas tank.

After a thorough break-in, the stock bike was completely disassembled and laid on the floor of the shop. The first modification was that of the rear subframe, that was cut and a more streamlined aluminum subframe was then fabricated in its place. The aluminum subframe connected to the trellis frame through billet fabricated mounts that were made in-house using a drill press, a lathe and a milling machine. To fabricate the new rear subframe it was necessary to build a template that was somewhat similar to the original Ducati subframe. After the chop and fabrication of the new subframe they sandblasted the engine, to give it that racing look. The engine was brought to SAB of Pavia, entrusted to the skilled hands of Gabriel, which modified it with a Ducati Performance slipper clutch and a lightened flywheel.

Carlos decided that the “Aprilia RSV” rear end would be perfect for this build. He made a mold from the seat cover, the rear assembly of the RSV, and the upper part of the tail which also includes the two stop lights, keeping the opening mechanism to access the original Ducati small storage area. This was done in-house with a DIY kit from Prochima in order to make those “home-made” carbon fiber parts. Their attention focused on the tank next, that remained close to the original in its form. The tank was closed with the resin at the rear, while at the front they embedded two LED arrows taken from a Volkswagen Touran.

The 2 in 1 Zard exhaust system, was hand welded, and gives the bike that vintage and modern look at the same time. The rear sets are aftermarket adjustable Buell units. An oil cooler by MOCAL (widely used in car racing), was positioned laterally, to lessen the visual impact at  the front of the bike. The suspension is new; the rear shock is a Ohlins unit for a Honda CBR, that was shortened and re-calibrated by the specialists of K-Service and the fork is also Ohlins, (specific to a Honda VTR SP2) mounted on steering yokes by Style and Performance.

The wheels are forged aluminum Marchesini. All the components of the braking system are Beringer, with 3-piston calipers and radial master cylinder and clutch. The handlebars were sourced from an Aprilia RSV.The instruments were slightly repositioned, and the headlight is a Yamaha MT-03. The paint job was also done in-house, and the choice of white and blue paint matched well with the black frame. This is an amazing build that took a lot of man hours over a period of two years. Check out the gallery for the rest of the build.

List of Modifications:

  • 2003 Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS
  • Ducati Performance slipper clutch
  • Ducati Performance lightened flywheel
  • MOCAL oil cooler
  • Sandblasted engine
  • Zard 2 in 1 hand welded exhaust system
  • Roscio rear-subframe
  • Roscio carbon fiber seat and rear assembly
  • VW Touran front blinkers
  • LED rear blinkers
  • Buell aftermarket rear sets
  • Ohlins Honda CBR rear shock customized
  • Ohlins Honda VTR SP2 front forks
  • Beringer rotors
  • Beringer 3 piston calipers
  • Beringer clutch and brake master cylinders
  • Aprilia RSV handle bars
  • Yamaha MT-03 headlight
  • RSV rear lights with machined LED halo’s
  • Marchesini forged wheels
  • Metzeler tires
  • Roscio white and blue paint

Photos: Roscio Fratelli

Radical Ducati – RAD02 Pursang

The RAD02 Pursang is a 2011 masterpiece designed and built by Pepo Rosell and the guys behind Radical Ducati from Madrid, Spain. These guys are at it continuously and show us once again the quality of the materials and the craftmanship used in completing this motorcycle. RAD started with a custom-built chromoly frame, a Ducati S2R swingarm with Öhlins rear and front suspension, and forged Marchesini wheels. RAD02 Corsa Evo carbon fiber solo seat and RAD02 aluminum fuel tank were developed in-house and they are at home in this build. The instrumentation used is by Aviacompositi, with Rizoma bars, clamps and the RAD’s custom built triple clamps.

The heavily modified motor is from a Multistrada 1100, that’s been upgraded with DP cams, ported heads, NCR titanium big valves, an EVR slipper dry clutch, Keihin FCR41mm flat-slide carbs and a 2 in 1 exhaust system by WolfMan. All the stopping power to slow down this Pursang comes from a complete Discacciati brake system.

Most of these parts in this build are available for purchase through the Radical Ducati RAD02 catalogue of parts, should you want to build something similar. I know I got my eyes on a bunch of parts for my future build. And now for the eye candy check out the beautiful pictures from Javier Fuentes and the video from delPerro.

List of Modifications:

  • RAD02 Chromoly Frame
  • S2R Swingarm
  • Marchesini Aluminum Forged Wheels
  • RAD Ergal Triple Clamps
  • Rizoma Handlebar and Risers
  • Ohlins Fork
  • MT03 Front Light
  • Discacciati Brake Rotors Calipers and Radial Pump
  • Multistrada 1100 Engine, ported Heads, DP Camshafts, NCR Titanium Big Valves, EVR slipper Dry Clutch
  • Keihin FCR41 Carburators
  • 2 in 1 WolfMan Exhaust System
  • SPARK Megaphone
  • Ohlins Rear Schock
  • RAD Height Rod
  • RAD02 Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • RAD02 Corsa Evo Carbon Fiber Solo Seat
  • RAD Leds Rear Light
  • Led Blinkers
  • Rizoma Rear Sets
  • Discacciati Radial Clutch Puma
  • EVR Clutch Actuator.
  • Bardah XT4 10W60 Oil
And of course the awesome video of  RAD02 Pursang by delPerro

Via: Radical Ducati

Photos: Javier Fuentes